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Lilford Marina boat cruising times on the River Nene

Travelling from Lilford Marina to Peterborough:

Oundle: is through one lock (No 27) and approx. 30 minutes

Cotterstock: is through three locks (No 29) and approx. 2 hours 30 minutes

Fotheringhay: is between Locks 30 and 31 and is approx. 4 hours away

Elton: is through six locks (No 32) and approx. 6 hours

Yarwell: is through seven locks (No 33) and is approx. 7 hours

Wansford: is eight locks (No 34) and is approx. 8 hours

Peterborough: is through eleven locks (No 37) and is approx. 14 hours

Travelling from Lilford Marina to Northampton:

Wadenhoe: is two locks away (No 24) and is approx. 1 hour 30 minutes

Islip: is through four locks (No 22) and is approx. 3 hours away

Denford: is through five locks (No 21) and is approx. 4 hours

Irthlingborough Bridge: is through ten locks and approx. 7 hours

Wellingborough Bridge: is through thirteen locks and approx. 9 hours

Cogenhoe: is through nineteen locks (No 7) and is approx. 12 hours

Billing: is through twenty locks (No 6) and is approx. 13 hours

Northampton: is through twenty five locks (No 1) and is approx. 16 hours


The Farm/Marina entrance joins the Barnwell/Nene Way Road leading to Oundle. When you turn

right out of the Farm/Marina entrance a new (1mile) cycle/foot path and an upgraded A605 crossing

that has just been constructed will take you into Barnwell.

When you turn left out of the Farm/Marina entrance the Barnwell/Nene Way Road will take you into

Oundle (2 miles), past Barnwell Mill and Barnwell Country Park.

Travel by Bus:

Call Connect is a bus service whose timetable is not fixed but responds to passenger requests. Routes

are different each day depending on the bookings made by passengers. Journey requests can be

made by telephone or online. The service is designed to improve transport links in the Oundle,

Peterborough and Stamford areas including rural locations in South Lincolnshire, East Rutland, East

Northamptonshire and rural communities close to Peterborough. Telephone number 0345 2638153

Travel by Taxi:

There are several local taxi firms based at the farm and trips can be organised between the Marina site and key locations in the local area. All their details are displayed in the farm office.

Travel by Car – From the Al / Peterborough:

Barnwell in Northamptonshire is located just to the south of Oundle on the A605 which connects to

the A14 which links the A1 with the M1 and M6.

Take the A605 towards Oundle from the A1 at Peterborough. When you reach the roundabout for

Oundle carry on for 3 miles and take the next right signed for Barnwell Country Park. After 50 yards

turn left into the Farm/Marina entrance and follow the Marina signs.

Travel by Car – From the A14 / Thrapston:

Take the A605 towards Oundle from the A14 at Thrapston and continue for 5 miles. As you come

down the hill you will see signs for Barnwell Country Park on the left. After 50 yards turn left into the

Farm/Marina entrance and follow the Marina signs.

Travel by Train:

The train stations at Peterborough (16 miles), Corby (13 miles), Kettering (17 miles), Huntingdon (21

miles) and Wellingborough (16.7 miles) give excellent rail links to the area. Peterborough is 45

minutes from London Kings Cross and 80 minutes from York. Kettering, Wellingborough and

Huntingdon are all within 60 minutes of St Pancras as well as enjoying good links to the Midlands

and North of England.

Travel by Air:

The airports at Birmingham, Stanstead, Luton and the East Midlands are all within 1 to 1.30 hours.

All are served by regular domestic and international flights.

Travel Plan:

A travel plan with more details will be available in the Marina office for all Marina users.

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